Calcium Chloride - DowFlake Xtra

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Date Listed: 04/23/2020
Available/Wanted? Available
Category: Other Inorganic Chemicals
Condition: Excellent
Continuous/One-Time? One-Time
Expires: Never
Details: We have 2 boxes of high quality Calcium Chloride available for pick-up. 1 box weighs 995 kg and one weighs 684 kg. Boxes are 44.5” tall x 50.75” x 45.5”. This includes the pallet. Material is in a plastic liner. Here is the manufacturer’s link to the web-page where you can pull the Product Information Sheet of this material: We are Packaging and Palletizing machinery manufacturer and we are supplying new Packing line to Cal-Chlor Corp. We used the bags of this product to test our palletizer and we don’t have any use for them anymore. Please let me know if you would like to have it.
Title of Material: Calcium Chloride - DowFlake Xtra
Location: Pensacola, FL
Quantity: 1600kg
Company/Contact Information
Company Name: Haver & Boecker USA, inc
Address 1: 460 Gees Mill Business Ct NE
City: Conyers
First Name: Svetlana
Job Title: PM
Last Name: Remniakova
Middle Name: -
Phone 1: 678-725-3692
Zip: 30013
State: GA

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