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Date Listed: 09/06/2017
Available/Wanted? Available
Category: Metal & Metal Sludges
Condition: Are you interested in renting SBLC/BG/LC To serve it as collateral?
Continuous/One-Time? Continuous
Expires: Never
Details: Dear Sir/MA We are international financier, trust Consultant of worldwide development prime lending's.We are Specialist of funds, loans, bank guarantees. We are working with large lending's affiliated to a corporate consortium group operators and providers of Bank Financial Instruments. Through this large lending's,Trade group consortium, we can arrange the following services as their trust consultant. Worldwide project financing, Loans,BG,SBLC,MTN,POF,LC,SKR Discounting,Project Funding,Letter of credit, and lots more for investors If you are interested contact us immediately by Email Thank you BROKERS ARE WELCOME & 100% PROTECTED!!! Regards, Rajnesh Gounder Skype ID:uzbroker.zeng1
Title of Material: Project Funder BG | SBLC
Location: United Kingdom
Quantity: 5b
Company/Contact Information
Company Name: Secure Your Loan With (BG/SBLC) As Collateral
Address 1: Suite B 29 Harley Street
City: liverpool
First Name: Rajnesh
Job Title: Financial Agent
Last Name: Gounder
Middle Name: Ronald
Phone 1: 4407951743313
Zip: L15 3HJ
State: London

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